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Caprese Bites

7 May 2013

Caprese Bites_heidikinscooks_May 2013 (2)

The perfect summer appetizer, these little Caprese bites only take a little time to put together and will be a huge hit at your party.

Caprese Bites

1 pint cherry tomatoes, cut in half horizontally
Fresh Mozzarella balls, sliced in half if they are biggish
Fresh basil, ripped into smaller pieces

Wooden toothpicks (preferably not the colored party-style ones)

Balsamic vinegar (or balsamic glaze if you can find it or make it…much thicker, less liquidy)

Get an assembly line going and skewer a little piece of basil, a bit of Mozzarella, tomato half, more Mozzarella, and top with basil. Set onto a pretty tray and start your next skewer.

When you’ve run out of tomatoes, or cheese, or basil (or toothpicks, heaven forbid), drizzle the whole thing with your balsamic vinegar or glaze and serve immediately.

Can be made ahead and kept in the fridge–without the balsamic–covered tightly in plastic wrap until ready to serve.

Caprese Bites_heidikinscooks_May 2013

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