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Setting an Easy Plaid Christmas Table

10 December 2013

Tablescape_Christmas Plaid_heidikinscooks_Dec 2013

A number of years ago my grandmother gave me this beautiful piece of wool plaid. I like the pattern, but mostly I love that she hemmed it and used it. I stumbled upon it in the Great Organization of 2013 and thought it would make a great runner for a holiday table. Instead of trying to find napkins or ribbon that matched the plaid, I decided to go really simple and mostly use what I already had.

Tablescape_Christmas Plaid 2_heidikinscooks_Dec 2013

I snipped a few pieces of boxwood from the overgrown bush in the yard and I really like how they look with the silver napkin rings and black napkins (an Amazon find for $7 a dozen! Score!).

Tablescape_Christmas Plaid 21_heidikinscooks_Dec 2013

The red Fiestaware chargers were a wedding gift (and were also used in this Reindeer setting from last week), everything else is regular dishware: plain white dishes and tumblers and flatware that are 10 years old

Tablescape_Christmas Plaid 9_heidikinscooks_Dec 2013

Tablescape_Christmas Plaid 14_heidikinscooks_Dec 2013

The centerpiece is a shallow serving bowl with a few fresh evergreen clippings and a pile of apple ornaments that I use on my tree every year. EASY peasy, just how I like it. Add a few (unscented) votive candles in IKEA holders and you are done. I’ve never really been a fan of huge, complicated centerpieces, but I am kind of liking this simple one.

Tablescape_Christmas Plaid 7_heidikinscooks_Dec 2013

I think I have more of these sparkly holly things somewhere, but I haven’t found that Christmas box yet. This one was in with the apples and I really like the sparkle it adds to the head of the table.

Tablescape_Christmas Plaid 18_heidikinscooks_Dec 2013

Goodness, the black napkins are classy! It’s like a mini tuxedo with dinner!

Tablescape_Christmas Plaid 5_heidikinscooks_Dec 2013

Tablescape_Christmas Plaid 3_heidikinscooks_Dec 2013

Tablescape_Christmas Plaid 22_heidikinscooks_Dec 2013

Tablescape_Christmas Plaid 15_heidikinscooks_Dec 2013

My table probably seats 6 people most comfortably, and I love how this feels intimate but not too cramped. (Note to self for future dinner parties…and for future table shopping.)

Tablescape_Christmas Plaid 10_heidikinscooks_Dec 2013

For the most part, the basics here are the exact same as the table I posted last week (the adorable Reindeer plates). I’m using the same chargers, the same dishes (different salad plates, obviously), the same flatware and the same napkin rings. It’s amazing how big of a different a few small changes makes (linens, salad plate, centerpiece–which is still ornaments in a serving bowl, ahem–and switching goblets for tumblers). I guess it just goes to show that you don’t need rooms and rooms of dishes to have some fun with eating dinner.


Plaid Runner, gift
Red Fiestaware Chargers, wedding gift
White dishes, Pottery Barn Catering Box
Tumblers, Target (super old)
Flatware, Target (super old)
Black Napkins, Amazon
Napkin Rings, Macys

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