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Summery table setting with whimsical hot air balloon plates

10 June 2014

Summer Tablescape IKEA hot air balloons 12_heidikinscooks_June 2014

I’ve kind of been slacking on my table setting posts, but I really loved putting this one together and I love how these IKEA hot air balloon plates make the whole thing feel so incredibly summery! This table is mostly made up of IKEA items and I love how well they go together without screaming POORLY MADE SCANDINAVIAN FURNITURE! (I love IKEA, but not for their furniture, except maybe bookcases. However, their housewares are a treasure trove of delicious colors, fun patterns, and really affordable pieces.)

Summer Tablescape IKEA hot air balloons 2_heidikinscooks_June 2014

Over 10 years ago I bought 4 wicker chargers from Pier 1, they are darker and a little larger than these ones, with a much tighter weave. I should have bought 6 because I cannot find anything similar to them anymore, not in the right color, of even close to the right size, I finally found some but they were quite expensive, nearly $20 each. I’ve had my eye on these IKEA ones for months and months, and when I did the math and realized that I could buy six of them for just about the same price as one of the other I marched myself down to IKEA and stocked up. I’ve already used them in a half-dozen settings in my head, and I am positive this was money well spent.

Summer Tablescape IKEA hot air balloons 8_heidikinscooks_June 2014

The dark blue dinner plates are my beloved Fiestaware, one of my most-used wedding presents, I kind of was wary of such a dark color, but the cobalt has proven practically neutral and I use it all the time.

Summer Tablescape IKEA hot air balloons 3_heidikinscooks_June 2014

I think I’ve had these adorable hot air balloon salad plates for 18 months or something, they just are so fresh and summery! Thank you, IKEA! (No, this post is not sponsored by IKEA, I just shop there a lot.)

Summer Tablescape IKEA hot air balloons 10_heidikinscooks_June 2014

The tone-on-tone napkins were a Tuesday Morning find for a ridiculously low price, and the white napkin rings are–you guessed it–IKEA.

Summer Tablescape IKEA hot air balloons 4_heidikinscooks_June 2014

Hot pink grocery store flowers in a mason jar make the world’s easiest centerpiece.

Summer Tablescape IKEA hot air balloons 7_heidikinscooks_June 2014

Add some glasses and flatware that I’ve had for over a decade, and BOOM! Beautiful summery table, ready for corn on the cob and delicious salads!

Summer Tablescape IKEA hot air balloons 5_heidikinscooks_June 2014


White tablecloth, inherited from my grandma
Navy runner, IKEA
Rattan chargers, IKEA
Cobalt dinner plates, Fiestaware
Hot air balloon salad plates, IKEA
Wine glasses, IKEA
Flatware, Target, old
Napkins, Tuesday Morning
Napkin rings, IKEA, old

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