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Setting a Fun and Festive Halloween Table

29 October 2013

Tablescape_Halloween 2_heidikinscooks_Oct2013

Earlier this year I found an amazing deal at my local thrift store; I found a set of black octagon-shaped dishes–dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, serving dishes–in service for 12 for about $0.75 cents per piece. I stood there thinking about these dishes for about 30 seconds and loaded the whole lot into my cart. I happily paid my $20.00 (ish) at the check-out stand and brought those babies home. In doing a little research I discovered they are the Arcoroc Octime pattern, made in France during the 80’s in black and white (and a few other colors) and discontinued years ago. You can find pieces on eBay and on a few other online sites, but nothing nearly so cheap as what I hauled home from the thrift store. That being said, it is nice to know I can add to this collection or replace pieces if needed.

When J-Mo and I got married we received Fiestaware in a number of colors, including this bright tangerine orange. I love how the black and orange make such a fun, festive table for Halloween! I’ve tried stacking up the colors and shapes in a number of ways, but this is one of my favorite combination so far. I found some really bright orange napkins on Amazon and made a table runner out of a scrap of black and white stripe and viola! Halloween table!

Tablescape_Halloween 3_heidikinscooks_Oct2013

Now, if you don’t luck out with some black octagon dishes, you could easily replicate this with some of the open stock dishware at IKEA, they have both black and orange pieces. Or you could use thick black mat board to cut out octagon chargers. Layer those with your regular white dishes, some bright orange napkins and a few spooky touches like spider-ring napkin rings and you’ve got yourself a party!

Tablescape_Halloween 1_heidikinscooks_Oct2013

There is still some time before Halloween to grab these adorable skull appetizer and salad plates from Target, or if you are crafty you could make your own spooky salad plates. Bright orange marigolds are perfect.

Tablescape_Halloween 4_heidikinscooks_Oct2013


Black Arcoroc Octime Dishes: thrifted
White Pottery Barn Salad Plates
Tangerine Fiestaware Salad Plate
IKEA Tumblers
Orange Napkins
Pumpkin Napkin Rings (or maybe here)
Flatware: Target, super old
Spiderweb bowl: Grocery store clearance section (woot!)
Black candle holder and white taper candles: IKEA, old
Black and white stripe table runner: self made, similar here, here, and here
Wicker charger, Pier1 super old, similar here and here

Tablescape_Halloween 5_heidikinscooks_Oct2013

It’s also a good idea to shop the clearance Halloween items this coming weekend to stock up for next year’s party. You can nab those skulls and spiders things for a steal come November 1.

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