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Happy Halloween!

31 October 2013

Gingerdead Men 2_heidikinscooks_Oct 2013

Several months ago I saw this “Gingerdead Man” cookie cutter online and have kept my eye on it. I finally bit the bullet and bought it, it was just too cute. But, instead of gingerbread cookies I decided to make chocolate sugar cookies, which was an excellent choice, although the name “Chocolate Skeleton Sugar Cookies” doesn’t roll of the tongue nearly so nicely as Gingerdead Men. (There are a few in my family that don’t go nearly as ga-ga over gingerbread as I do, poor suckers. The non-rolly cookie name was for them. The sacrifices I make! Sheesh!)

Gingerdead Men_heidikinscooks_Oct 2013

These turned out so ridiculously cute, although they were a bear to frost.

Gingerdead Man_heidikinscooks_Oct 2013

Hope your Halloween is merry and bright! Er, wait, is that not the saying? Ah well. Happy Halloween anyway.

All photos taken by PinkSuedeShoe, I was so worried about getting the right number of ribs on these I totally forgot to bring my camera. Luckily, she is always good to help a sister out.

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