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Setting the Table for a Fiesta!

17 June 2014

Mexicali Pier 1 Fiesta Fiestaware Tablescape 11_heidikinscooks_June 2014

I have made no secret about how much  love our wedding-present Fiestaware, and I have loved adding to it slowly, piece by piece, in whatever color I fancy (okay, not whatever color, I am trying to stick to a few that go together well). I can’t tell you how often I’ve reached for the stack of cobalt blue or scarlet dinner plates. However, this is the first time I have ever mixed more than two colors together on one table.

Mexicali Pier 1 Fiesta Fiestaware Tablescape 4_heidikinscooks_June2014

Hooboy! When I mix it up I mix it ALL UP. Six different colors of plates! Six different napkins! For someone as anal retentive as I am, this was really going out on a limb. So, I was kind of surprised by how much I loved the end result.

Of course, each setting has a unifying Mexicali salad plate, by Pier 1 that brings all the colors together and, it seems, is built to top off some Fiestaware dinner plates. I mean, look at how well they go together! I’ve been collecting these plates–two at a time–for about a year. I can’t wait to use them all summer!

Mexicali Pier 1 Fiesta Fiestaware Tablescape 8_heidikinscooks_June 2014

Mexicali Pier 1 Fiesta Fiestaware Tablescape 10_heidikinscooks_June 2014

The napkins came as a festive set from Target (ages ago), and I just love how well they go with all the colors here. I will confess that the OCD part of me had a hard time mixing up plates AND napkins, but when I put the coordinating napkin with each plate it looked funny. Really funny. Deep breaths, heidikins, and embrace the chaos.

Mexicali Pier 1 Fiesta Fiestaware Tablescape 9_heidikinscooks_June 2014

The centerpiece is the Pier 1 Mexicali platter (that I found on sale, plus a coupon), topped with three little cacti in bright colored pots straight from Home Depot.

Mexicali Pier 1 Fiesta Fiestaware Tablescape 2_heidikinscooks_June 2014

Rattan chargers, from IKEA, and 10-year-old tumblers ad flatware and–boom!–instant fiesta! Now, pass me the guacamole!

Rattan Chargers: IKEA
Multi Fiestaware Dinner Plates: Homer Laughlin
Mexicali Salad Plates: Pier 1
Napkins: Target (old)
Napkin rings: IKEA, old
Tumblers: Target (old)
Flatware: Target (old)
Mexicali Centerpiece: Pier 1
Bright Pots: Home Depot
Cacti: Home Depot

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  1. 17 June 2014 5:11 pm

    Love, love, love your fiestaware! Your table looks beautiful :)

    • 18 June 2014 10:31 am

      Thanks, lady! This one was a fun one, for sure. :)


      On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 5:11 PM, heidikins cooks wrote:


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