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Superbowl Recipe Roundup

29 January 2015

This weekend is The Big Game (for those of you who actually care about the score), and it’s Bowl Food and Commercials!!! for all of the rest of us. Here is a list of some of my very favorite appetizers for the big day:

Bacon-Jalapeno Little Smokies: easy-peasy crockpot recipe with an enormous dose of flavor!

Chicken Enchilada Dip: warm and cheesy, this will disappear faster than anything on your table, serve with tortilla chips

Stuffed Mushrooms: fill with sausage, cream cheese, and spinach (if you need them to be “healthy”) and pop them in your mouth like candy!

Caprese Bites: Legit healthy appetizer, plus they are super cute

Veggie-Ranch Pizza: This is less “pizza” and more a perfectly open-faced veggie sandwich. It’s practically salad.

Spinach Dip (with fresh bread and/or veggies): One of my all time favorites, to make this stretch a little farther, add more spinach!


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